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Brand Story: First City Church

February 29, 2016 // Erin Pille

These last few weeks we’ve had the pleasure of working with collaborator Tom Waples of UNMC and Chris and Mindy Hemmelman of First City Church to create a logo and brand for their new church plant in Bellevue, Nebraska.

As we started the project, we discovered some really neat history about Bellevue and the surrounding area. Given this background, we wanted something that would represent a historic and authentic foundation that was both Christ-centered and approachable. At the same time however, we had to be sure that the end result still fit within the modern era and would be fresh and vibrant like the ministry it portrayed.

With this in mind, we pulled inspiration centered around vintage styles of lettering and church signage. firstcity_fruitful_design_inspiration As we did more exploration and research, we realized it was going to be difficult to create something that wouldn’t be ultra trendy mark and be outdated in a few years.

After more conversation, Tom suggested we go with a blackletter style, based on this beauty:


With this new vision, our challenge was to find a way to create a modern version of an age-old style that married both the old and new, mirroring the mission of the church itself.


We quickly realized that the ornamentation made it difficult to read at small sizes. It also seemed to fall more in the traditional genre and didn’t quite communicate the present mission of First City and it’s desire to impact the current community of Bellevue. We continued to simplify and refine:

firstcity_fruitful_design_revsionsAfter several more rounds of revisions, we landed on something that captured the spirit this new venture.


Once this version was finalized, we expanded the brand to several different versions to be used in different applications.


We are so thrilled with the end result, and are proud to be a small part of serving the Bellevue community. A big thank you as well, to the Hemmelmans for sharing their vision and inviting us to be partners of this exciting new undertaking!